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Splash & Go flight schedule.

This season, it is intended that the Catalina will again make several Splash & Go flights from Lelystad Airport.
All these flights are again open for sponsors, guests and individual donors, whereby two or more water landings on the Markermeer and / or IJsselmeer will be made.
After a flight of 30 minutes, we will land back on Lelystad Airport.

These flights are subject to the technical readiness; the available capacity; and the weather and water conditions.

A minimum number registrations is required to pass off a flight Catalina.
When this number of registrations is NOT achieved on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled flight, we are forced to cancel flights due to financial reasons. We will contact you.

Sponsor offer:
Donors contribution and compensation for flight costs are normally € 205, - per person.
Maybe there is again an offer from our sponsor, It`s Me b.v., so all bookings can be reduced in price also in 2018. See pricing in flightschedule below.

Flightseason ends at October 1. No longer permission to land on the water. This is because of the birds migration. We can start again on April 1.

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